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Terms and Conditions of Use of this Website
• The TimeBay site is not responsible for any transactions made inside or outside the country and contracts between the seller and the buyer for authentication and qualification, the price of the goods, the quality of the goods and links and contact numbers in the cyberspace. Does not have the sole responsibility of introducing the goods and customers to the website.
• All material and intellectual responsibilities, the accuracy and accuracy of the information contained herein, and any damages resulting from the information contained on the Website are the responsibility of the users of the Website.
• Use of material posted on this site is not permitted elsewhere.
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• The Antebase Website reserves the right to remove or reproduce material published by users without prior notice.
• By downloading your personal information, the Antebai Web site may use and exploit them to inform special files, express third parties’ tendencies to user notices and other purposes related to the services of this website.
• The Anytimebase Website may block an account at any time by a user as inappropriate behavior. If so, an email will be sent to the subscriber who will not be re-registered on this site. In addition, esteemed users are advised to alert our coworkers if they see inappropriate behavior from other users.
• The Antebay website has all intellectual property rights, including copyright, in the content published or collected in this collection, so any unlawful use of the content on this website will result in legal prosecution. Respected users also need to let our colleagues know when dealing with such cases.
User Restrictions
• Users undertake to refrain from uploading or sending any files or information that may interfere with, disrupt, destroy or limit the performance of this Website.
• Any unlawful or unlawful use of the Services and Information in this Collection is subject to prosecution.
• Any user interference with other users’ interests is prohibited.
• This set is the sole guarantee of the implementation of the obligations expressly set forth against the contract or the third parties named in the Company documents. Our company and all of our affiliated companies and entities hereby waive all civil and criminal liability arising out of direct and indirect damages and the discharge of contractual and non-contractual interests. Also, is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided and available on the Website and is not responsible for any loss that may be incurred by Users on the basis of information received from this Website.
• The website’s efforts are to provide a secure environment based on the capabilities of the specialized team in the collection, but given the widespread malware threats in the cyberspace, the company disclaims any responsibility for malware threats.
• The user link through the links in this collection to other websites will not be responsible for our collection.
• If any interruption in the service of the Website causes direct or indirect damage to the user, no liability will be given to this collection.
• Note The Antimonybase Web site is not responsible for any loss or damage arising out of the willpower or force majeure.
• Although our website has always strived to provide visitors with the most up-to-date information and the most accurate data, due to the enormous amount of information and data available and the rapid change in circumstances, we can hardly claim to have the right information. Data and information were collected. Therefore, knowing this matter, our website and company will have no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the material contained therein.
• Use of material posted on this site is not permitted elsewhere.
All software content, innovations and designs of the site belong to this site and all rights are reserved to this site.
The provisions of this document are effective
• The provisions of this Agreement are as a necessary contract between the valid and required parties. At the discretion of the Antim website, it is possible to modify the terms of this Agreement with a prior notice to Users to agree to the amended Terms and if the terms and conditions of this Agreement change, the applicable terms and conditions shall apply.